Single Mother: Struggling With The Dangerous CEO Chapter 45

“I’m sorry” Patrick had thousands of words prepared in his heart, but he could not say them all.

Patrick knew the weight of those three words.

Once he said them, there was no way out.

However, he knew that she needed to vent, and she needed to find a reason to vent her feelings.

It was not difficult to calm her resentment and anger.

It was difficult to heal the wound in her heart.

For the first time in so many years, Patrick admitted that he had done something he was unsure of.

Whether it was success or failure, he had no way of knowing.

They were both silent for a while.

Sophia closed her eyes, and she suddenly felt exhausted.

Just like the belief that had supported her for so many years had suddenly collapsed.

She waited for so many years and did not expect that he would only give her this explanation.

What could an apology change? Could it change the last five years of her drifting from place to place and enduring many hardships at that time? Or was he doing it to clear his conscience? Sophia didn’t know what he was thinking at the moment.

But why was love always so hurtful? Her body went soft all of a sudden, and she lost consciousness.

When Sophia woke up, it was nighttime already.

There was only the wall lamp on the side of the bed in the room, which emitted dim yellow light.

She looked around at the unfamiliar decorations in the room.

She was slightly startled for a few moments.

Everything in the room was orderly, symmetrical, and straightforward yet unexpectedly steady.

The spaces between the furniture and the layout reflected the serious and rigorous style of doing things.

The only person who could decorate like this was Patrick.

Was this his home? She pulled the blanket from her body and wanted to get out of bed only to find that the clothes on her body had been changed.

The original gray dress had been changed into a man’s plaid shirt.

The shirt was very long, about the same length as her skirt.

But she was not wearing anything besides it.

She walked barefoot but heard a low male voice.

He was on the phone, and his voice was very low.

“I know.After being separated for so long, it’s normal for her to have her own life,” Patrick said on the phone.

The other party seemed to ask something again, and he did not answer immediately.

After a few seconds of silence, he still said, “Even if she gave birth to another man’s child, I don’t mind”

Patrick continued.

The other party spoke a lot more, and from his breathing, it could be seen that the other person was criticizing Patrick.

He was silent until the other party hung up the phone.He seemed very upset and wanted to turn back to get the cigarette, but then he saw her.He walked over and said, “You’re already awake?”

Sophia retreated and tried to avoid him.

“Where are my clothes?”

“Your clothes were wet with sweat, and I was worried that you would catch a cold if you continued wearing them.”

He calmly explained the reason for her change of clothes.

He reached out his hand, and she continued to dodge, but he stubbornly checked her forehead.

“The fever has finally subsided.After sleeping for a day, you must be hungry, right? What do you want to eat?” Patrick asked softly.

The night after this big quarrel was a little confusing.

They both had strong emotions in their hearts, but neither of them wanted to open that can of worms.

Because the moment they touched it, they would be in so much pain that they would be drenched in blood.

There were scars in their hearts that would bleed if they reopened them.

He didn’t want to hate or complain anymore when he was tired.He just wanted to hide and have a good sleep.

“I’m not hungry” Sophia shook her head and asked him, “Did you change my clothes?”

Patrick didn’t deny it, and his smile was a little glaring.

In this world, only Patrick could say some hooligan things without offending people.It was the same as his confession of love.

No one could resist him.

The night wind blew into the floor-to-ceiling window, and she trembled because of the cold.

She was holding back a cough and covered it with a laugh.

“What are we doing?” Sophia asked.

Were they ex-husband and wife or an employee and an employer? The definition was becoming unclear, as well as the boundaries between them.

It was just that even she did not know when it had unknowingly evolved into this.Patrick walked over, closed the window, and could not help but light a cigarette.

“What do you want to eat?” He asked again.

Sophia shook her head.

“It’s too late.I want to go home.”

She felt exhausted.She wanted to forget her worries and sleep well in her bed.

Patrick did not force her.He took the long coat from the sofa and put it on her.

She refused, but he did not budge.

“You’re not wearing anything behind that shirt.It is cold at night, and you might catch a cold” Patrick explained.

When he said this, his expression was very natural.But he had different feelings when he was in Australia.

She wore his long coat.She looked like a naughty child who stole someone else’s clothes.

It did not fit her well, and it was also very long.

When they arrived at her apartment building, Sophia did not utter a word.She just got off the car and went to the building entrance.She wrapped her clothes tightly, but she was still cold because of the cold wind.

Her heart also felt cold.

The following day, she also caught a cold.

What was even funnier was that she had just recovered from one not long ago.

She changed her clothes and was about to go to work, but she saw the shirt and the long coat on the rack by the door.

They were wrinkled.

She thought she ought to wash them first before returning them to him.

When she arrived at the General Manager Office, Jenelyn saw Sophia and rushed over quickly.

“How did you feel about being trapped in the same elevator with the president yesterday?”

Sophia’s voice sounded heavy and hoarse, “It was difficult to be trapped in the same elevator with the president.”

“How could it be difficult?” Jenelyn didn’t believe her.

That was the president! The dream lover of many female employees of the Evans Company.

Staying in the same enclosed space with him, it would be a miracle if she didn’t faint.

Jenelyn couldn’t help but doubt.

“Sophia, to be honest, do you like women?”

Sophia had just sat down, but she couldn’t help but laugh when she heard this, “Yes, I like you!”

Jenelyn shook the goosebumps on her body, “No, no, no.We cannot ruin such a beautiful scene.Don’t joke around!”

Sophia shook her head, then buried her head in work.

At half-past eleven, John came to the evaluation department and asked who was busy with work.

Everyone looked at Sophia at the same time.

Because she was a newcomer, she had the minor project documents in her hands.

After calling her out, John instructed her, “Send this document to President Evans.He is now in the Evans Company.He has to go to the inspection project in the afternoon.It is not convenient for him to come back.You can go on a trip and give him these documents then!”

It was official business, so Sophia had no reason to refuse.

The other subsidiary of the Evans Company was in the eastern part of the city.

The bus ride would take two hours if the traffic were good.To save time, John asked her to take a cab.

When he saw her frown, he added, “He needs this sooner than you think: It took half an hour to get to the subsidiary company by cab.After paying the fare, she got off the car and saw Patrick walking in her direction.He was talking to a group of people.She took a few steps forward with the documents in her hands and handed them to him, but he did not take them.

“Come with me to inspect a project later’ Patrick said.

The head of the subsidiary company looked at her intently.

Sophia got into Patrick’s car and sat side by side with him in the back seat.

Only when he ordered the driver to drive away that she feel the uncomfortable gazes weaken.

Patrick’s legs were crossed lazily.His hands held the document she brought over.

He frowned and carefully flipped through it.

There was only silence in the car.

The department manager quickly handed over the safety hats when they arrived at the inspection site.

This was a film and television center that the Evans Company was building.

The company itself relied on media to start its business and expand its new territory.

Of course, there was nothing wrong with it.

The building was expected to have one hundred and eighty floors.

It was envisioned to be higher than the revolving restaurant they went to last time.

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