Sold to the Dominant mafia by Red Johnson Chapter 2

There was a certain beauty in dark skinned woman that pulled to the animalistic parts of me in an absurd way. I watched the dark chocolatey skin spread over my white satin sheets and felt myself getting incessantly hard at the sight of it. Ideally, I wondered what do these supermodels eat to give them such beautiful body and skin?

“Are you going to just watch or do anything about that growing bulge in your boxers?” Naomi smirked seductively at me or at least I think it’s Naomi. I wasn’t good with names. Raising a brow, I tossed the remaining of my cigarette away and let my eyes take in every inch of her delectable body.

I didn’t know much about her apart from the fact that she was an American model, here for some show and was looking for some free fun for the night. She was at one of my clubs where every customer’s demands were catered to and I was more than happy to give personal services to someone like her. Free fun was almost like my thing. Two cocktails, one look at my face and she was all over me.

“I have plenty to do, sweetheart. The more the anticipation, the better the fun,” I answered, pulling my boxers down. Her hazel eyes widened infinitely as she took in every inch, every part of me and especially the one between my legs. Naomi bit her lip, as always looking pleased by what was at her disposal for the night…just for the night and parted her legs, trying to entice me.

“I am waiting,” She said, her coffee-colored cheeks heating up as I raked my eyes down her body.

She indeed was more than ready. I haven’t even touched her yet. Eyes holding hers, I leaned in and placed a kiss on her s*x. She groaned, throwing her head back and I inwardly rolled my eyes. Again, same old. Same old. I was looking for something different when I sauntered into my club tonight. A challenge, a thrill, something forbidden maybe. She looked smart and poised, authoritative even which was the very reason I approached her.

I was so done with women melting just at the sight of me. It was boring. And I hated things that were mundane and boring. As much as I liked submission, as much as it was a part of my lifestyle, it can get very boring once you get used to it. She was already dripping. What fun was that? I moved back up and pointed to the nightstand. My interest was gone just as fast as it was evoked.

“Are you on protection?” I asked nevertheless because I hated those silicon s**t. Or was it latex? Or were they both same thing?

“Obviously,” She rolled her eyes. “I can’t afford not to be,”

“Right…good choice,” I nodded before grabbing her ankles and pulling her down. She giggled like a school girl, another trait I hate in grown up women and I chose to ignore that because of the aching throbbing in my d**k and turned her over. Curling my arm around her slender waist, I hauled her perfect ass up in the air.

“Wanna play?” I asked, grabbing the handcuffs that I disposed off on the ottoman. Her eyes widened in surprise and she vigorously nodded her head. Good girl. I cuffed her hands at the small of her back and felt satisfied at the sight of her fine ass hauled up in the air. This was good.

“Ready?” I asked, stroking my hand around the smooth skin of her back. I could see goosebumps making their way on her velvety skin. That was usually a good sign.

“No foreplay?” She breathed and I inwardly snorted. Like she needed that.

“I am foreplay myself, sweetheart,” I hissed as I slammed into her, hard and fast, without any warning. Patience was my weakness.

“Holy f**k,” I swore, closing my eyes, letting the pleasure cascade over me and soothe the burning ache.

“Oh yes,” Naomi moaned, releasing a string of garbled nonsense as if we were shooting for porn.

I should have gagged her. I hate women who makes noise during s*x. It’s disorienting. I grabbed a handful of her silky brunette hairs, one of my weaknesses in women and wrapped it around my hand as I kept thrusting into her, harder and harder and the only good thing about her was that she met me thrust for thrust. If only she could keep her voice down and stop with the relentless ‘oh yes’ the night wouldn’t haven’t been a complete waste. But again, as long as I was guaranteed an orgasm, which I was as I spilled my seeds inside of her and tried to catch my breath, it was all good.

“That was…” She was at loss of words, eyes wide and alighted. I nodded as I pulled out and cleaned myself with a tissue before throwing the box to her.

Sauntering over to my walk-in, I pulled on a robe and hoped that when I go out she would be already pulling on her clothes too. It was scientifically proven, emotional or not, s*x always release those shitty happy hormones in women and make them want to be closer and connected. And I cannot afford to be either. Not closer and definitely not connected to a woman. Thankfully, she was getting ready as I walked out. Naomi gave me a shy smile, pointing out to my room with her long, perfectly manicured fingers.

“This is an amazing room you got here…” She muttered, appreciatively. “You never told me…what do you do for a living?”

“You never asked,” I muttered, staring at the assortments of liquor displayed on the bar and deciding on whisky.

“I did…twice. But you distracted me with your lips,” Naomi narrowed her eyes. “Hmm, is it something you can’t tell? Do you kill people for money? Or maybe deal in drugs that FBI is desperately looking for?” She laughed at her words and I smirked as I poured whisky into my crystal glass, neat with two cubes of ice as always before turning to face her.

“Both,” I answered, flopping down on the couch and crossing one leg over another.

“Good joke,” She laughed again, shaking her head but stopped as she noticed my perfectly impassive expression. Her eyes widened and the playfulness was immediately replaced by fear. “You are…are not kidding?” She whispered. I shook my head.

“No,” I answered, taking a long sip of the chilled burning alcohol. “I am not,”

“You…you kill people and sell drugs for money?” She repeated, looking bewildered.

“That’s a facet of what I do,” I answered, for some reason enjoying her plight and obvious bewilderment. “You wouldn’t want to know the rest of it, sweetheart,” Naomi gulped as she stared at me, dressing up twice faster than before.

“Who….who are you?” She asked, grabbing her purse. I smiled, placed my empty glass on the coffee table and walked over to the terrorized woman. Leaning closer, I traced her smooth, heated cheek with my thumb and smirked.

“I am…Leo Ammassari,” I answered. “Boss of the Ammassari family. Ever heard the word…don?” Naomi’s expression was priceless as she gulped, mouth hung up in literal shock.

“Are you going to…kill me?” She whispered. I laughed, shaking my head and softly kissed her on the lips.

“I would have by now if I had to,” I answered. “No sweetheart, I am not going to kill you. But…make sure once you step out of here, you never met me and you don’t know who I am, understood?” Naomi gulped again and slowly nodded her head. From sexy flirtatiousness to terrified speechlessness, it took just two minutes and mention of my identity to make such a difference. As much as I enjoyed the fact that my name has the power to terrify people to their core, somewhere, it left a bad taste in my mouth too. It was a conflicted emotion.

“Good. I had fun tonight. My car will drop you to your hotel,” I smiled and pointed to the door, refraining from rolling my eyes as Naomi bolted out like a thunder.

Shutting the door back, I poured myself another glass before walking out into the balcony. The night felt heavy as I stared down at the huge lawns of the Ammassari mansion sprawling beneath me. The sky was laden with clouds and I sighed, that usual, weird feeling of emptiness creeping into my chest again. I hated night time for that very reason.

If I wasn’t working on something really urgent that Xavier, my older brother and the underboss of the Ammassari family, can’t look after, which was rarely the case, I preferred to spend most part of the nights f*****g and drinking. Because if my mind wasn’t preoccupied in some way or other, it brought with it feelings and memories that I didn’t like to dwell upon. I knew probably none of that mattered anymore but in life, we always have some things, some sins that we just can’t escape. Guilt was not something anyone in our family or any family in our dark, deadly world altogether ever experienced.

But I did. Every time I remembered that night, those terrified eyes, guilt pierced through my entire being. And I hated it. Every second of it. That night…that memory was like the wound that itched like f**k but yet you can’t scratch.

I wished everyday at least once that things were different. But unfortunately, they weren’t. I was still Leonardo Ammassari, the head of the strongest Sicilian mafia family. I was still, everyday the man who killed two small innocent children. It wasn’t like I didn’t like or was forced to do what I did either. Not really. I was who I was and I was f*****g proud of it too.

My name was enough to make men s**t their pants. I had taken over my family when I was just sixteen and since then has worked ruthlessly to make the Ammassari’s the toughest mafia family in existence. There was nothing much that I regretted and yet every time I was alone, my mind empty, I was engulfed with these myriad feelings that were completely alien to me. It was hard to keep the intangible restlessness in my heart at bay.

Sighing, I drained my glass and walked back into my room. I placed the glass back on the bar and the first thing I did was strip off the sheet. I didn’t like any trace of woman or s*x on my sheets once I was done with them. It was like they were trying to creep up into my territory. As intoxicating as these creatures were, they were better avoided for anything more than just sex.

“Buongiorno,” I muttered as I took my seat at the breakfast table the next morning.

My position being the boss, the head of the family was always at the head of the table. On my right was my older brother, the next in command. On my left was my conseglire or advisor, Luigi Salvatore. Then followed the rest of the family which included all our men and my personal right hand and closest friend Massimo.

The women of the family dined separately. They were always kept far away from the business and from men other than their husband, sons or brothers in general. Because here, you never know what might happen.

“You may begin now,” I muttered, a tradition I hated to the core but as always has prevailed in the family for ages. Nobody ever talked business during meals. It was another strict rule of our family.

“Before meeting, I would like to show you something,” Luigi said, glancing at me, then at Xavier and Massimo. I nodded my head and discreetly glanced at my brother. He didn’t meet my eyes and simply nodded as well.

As always, I ignored his cold shoulder and tried not to let that get to me. Xavier used to be my best friend, my hero, my confidante until the responsibilities of the family and the power that comes with it separated us. Rightfully, my position, being the older one was his. My father took one decision and it pushed us apart within seconds. My father died but Xavier hasn’t talked to me, like really talk, two brothers being there for each other kind of talk, for years now. It used to bother me before, for years at that. But now I have gotten used to it.

“I have news about Mattia,” Luigi said as I closed the door to his study behind me. Luigi was my father’s best friend and even though my father died, I thought it was better to keep him at his position. Because under Luigi’s guidance, the Ammassari family has thrived beyond expectations. Of course, that meant he was downright lethal and ruthless but whatever worked for the family, whatever bought money and power, was always accepted and encouraged,

“Did we get what we were looking for?” I asked, folding my arms across my chest. Luigi snorted and shook his head. “Do we know the channels Baldocchi’s deal in then?”

“Of course, we don’t,” He answered, making a face. “It was a blind shot anyway. Do you think Alessandro Baldocchi will let a mere soldier like Mattia Ricci get away with such a huge secret? It would have been a matter of luck if he did manage to get away,”

“True that,” Massimo rolled his eyes. “What a f*****g i***t,”

“Well, if we don’t have what we were looking for…why the hell are we wasting time again?” Xavier demanded, his face as always twisted in irritation. “I have work to do,”

“Because, I wanted to show you all this,” Luigi said and pointed to the flat screen.

“You want us to watch TV?” Massimo demanded, scratching his head and I sighed. Massimo was all about physical strength with his hulk like body, mentally he was dumb as a nail.

“Massimo…I prefer you quiet,” Luigi said as he turned the flat screen on. I dragged my eyes to the screen as Luigi played a CCTV footage on it. It was undoubtedly Mattia’s, a traitor soldier of the Baldocchi family’s, encounter that took place last night but if Luigi wanted us to watch this, it meant there was something important hidden in the footage other than obvious bloodshed.

“Can we come straight to the point?” Xavier inquired, tapping his foot impatiently.

“Watch,” Luigi shot back. He wasn’t very fond of Xavier. Xavier wasn’t fond of anyone at all. Maybe his wife but given the distance between them which resorted to Aria spending half the nights out and the rest of it getting drunk, that was unlikely too. I shook my head and decided to focus on the screen instead.

“Wait…is that a…woman?” Massimo pointed out, eyes wide. “The one stabbing Mattia?” Luigi paused the screen and shot Massimo an impressed look as he nodded his head.

“Good, at least you are not completely dumb,” He muttered before turning his eyes in a disapproving manner towards me.

“Can you rewind and play?” I asked. Luigi rolled his eyes but rewind the footage nevertheless. I focused on it and after a brief second, I noticed what I missed out before. Massimo was right. The person stabbing Mattia was a woman. Her hair came loose from her cap as Mattia grabbed them. Impressed, I watched as she whirled around, landed her knee straight on his chin and within the blink of an eye, he was under her grasp. Without flinching, she stabbed him in the gut, twice and let him drop on the floor. All within five minutes.

“That’s…impressive,” Xavier muttered and I couldn’t help but agree. “Who’s she?”

“Nobody knows,” Luigi answered. “But here…this is not the first time,” He pressed something on the remote and the screen divided into four parts.

In each one them, the woman was present. And in each one of them, she was the one killing the main offender. I watched her closely and tried to think if I ever ran into someone like her. She was tall, maybe 5’7 or 5’8. Given she was covered in black from head to toe, it was hard to figure her body type. But she stood straight, rigid even and yet poised somehow. Whoever she was, she was one hell of a woman for sure. Almost…like the type I was looking for. My mind was suddenly flooded with myriad imaginations and I shook my head immediately. Now was not the time.

“She is rumored to be one of Alessandro’s soldiers,” Luigi muttered. “Deadly and dangerous. Alessandro’s pet. Or a trained assassin. But that’s all we know. Nothing else. Also, green eyes and black hair,”

“A woman soldier?” I demanded, surprised. Women were never accepted to be soldier. It was a rarest of rare cases for sure. They were meant to stay home and look after children and the family. “And wait…how do you know all this? How did you get the footage?”

“I have men,” Luigi answered. “We couldn’t get much of it because as per my reports, this woman ordered the warehouse to be burned down. I send Riccardo there. He pretended to be one of Mattia’s men and got the video. He was the one who saw her,”

“Okay…and how is this woman suddenly so important?” Xavier inquired, raising his brow. Luigi turned off the flat screen and shot my brother a look.

“This woman is deadly. She is a soldier…a woman soldier,” He said, flopping down on his chair. “Don’t you think it’s weird that Alessandro, who treats his own wife like garbage, will allow a woman to have such a significant position where she can order his men? And even if she is a soldier, why does he keeps her hidden? Why does nobody has ever seen her?”

“Maybe she is his daughter or…better mistress?” Massimo laughed. I shot him a look and shook my head.

“You mean he is cooking something?” I offered instead and Luigi smiled, nodding his head.

“Precisely,” He said, eyes narrowing as he got lost in thoughts momentarily. “But that’s what we need to know…what?”

“You think he might try to use her against us?” Xavier demanded, looking curious now. Luigi sat back and shrugged.

“I don’t know what he is up to. But what we all know is that if it wasn’t for the commission or the treaty, the Ammassari’s and the Baldocchi’s would have butchered each other. Everyone knows our hospitality towards each other is just a facade. Somehow, I really feel that he is up to something and this woman is a part of it. We need to find out who she is, where she is and get her. Soon,”

“Get her and what?” I asked, raising a brow. Luigi turned his eyes to me and smirked in an evilish way.

“Torture the truth out of her,” He answered, c*****g his head to the side. “You all are pretty good at that,” I kept my face impassive and simply nodded. Massimo with his hedonistic tendencies looked pleased at the idea while Xavier looked practically irritated.

“Is that all? I need to go,” He demanded tartly. Luigi nodded his head glumly and without waiting another second, Xavier stalked out, slamming the door behind him.

“Isn’t he tired of always being like this? It’s been forever,” Massimo demanded. He was about to say something more but shut up as I shot him a death glare.

“Never mind…but there’s also something else,” Luigi said, turning his eyes to me in a manner that I absolutely don’t like.

“What?” I demanded.

“I will come straight to the point,” He said, lighting a cigar. “It’s time you get married. Find yourself a bride or leave it to me and get ready,” I blinked at him while Massimo let out a whistle, looking smug.

“What?” I exclaimed. “The f**k no…”

“Nobody’s asking for your permission, Leo,” Luigi muttered flatly. “As the head of your family, it’s your duty. The Ammassari family’s legacy is in your hands. And it’s high time now. You are getting older not younger,”

“I am not getting married!” I snapped, bewildered. “I told you this before. Xavier is married…ask him to give you a goddamned child for all I care. Not me,”

“Xavier is not the head…you are,” Luigi shot back, looking bored against my agitation. “And I don’t think he has ever even seen his wife’s hands properly let alone…you get my point. It’s gotta be you…and it’s time. I am not asking for you to get married tomorrow. Take your time…find the woman. I thought you and that Lombardi girl were a thing?”

“We are not a thing. We just mess around that’s all,” Leo growled. “I am not getting married. Period,”

There was no way I wanted more baggage in my life than I already have. There was no way I was going to spend my entire life with one woman. Marriages are bullshit. Maybe it was great for normal people but in my world, it was literally sentencing a girl to death.

Men in my world were bastards, worse than animals and that included me as well. Loyalty was never an option and women were treated like things to be used and thrown. There was abuse and other worse kinds of stuff. I have seen that right in front of my eyes and even though I was also one of those men who treated women like something to satisfy the animal in me, I will never condemn one to the hell that was my life. No.

“Enough…” Luigi snapped, looking pissed now. “This is what your mother wants too, Leo. And we need a heir to take over after you. This is the rule and you are not exempted from it,”

“I…” Before I could begin, Massimo raised his hand in defense, undoubtedly sensing trouble.

“It’s the child that matters, right?” He asked, turning to Luigi, who bluntly nodded, glaring at me.

“Good…then I have a much better idea. You will get a child and you don’t have to get married…sorts everything,” He smirked, looking somewhat proud of himself. I raised my brow in suspicion at him.

“And what that might be?” I demanded. “Don’t come up with anything nonsensical,” He snorted in response and walking over, threw his arm around my shoulders.

“You will love me for this, brother,” He grinned and turned his eyes to Luigi. “Ever heard of…the slave house auction?” I froze just as the words left his mouth while Luigi’s eyes brightened as he processed the idea. He stared at us blankly before a smile spread across his lips.

“Brillante!” Luigi clapped his hands. “That sure sorts your problem, Leo. I am impressed, Massimo. Have you been eating almonds lately?” Massimo rolled his eyes and chuckled.

“Right? What do you think, Leo?” He asked, turning to me. I actually had no idea. I have heard of it but I have never been there. A places were girls were bided off, the idea kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.

“You want me to buy a girl from that disgusting place to give birth to my child?” I demanded, summarizing what Massimo suggested as I recovered myself.

“That is exactly what I meant,” He agreed. “It sorts everything. No muss…no fuss. And, that’s not a disgusting place. That’s heaven,” His eyes shone as he got lost in God knows what fantasy world while I turned my eyes to Luigi.

“I don’t see how this can’t work,” Luigi murmured with a shrug. “Unless, you want to get married,”

‘No,” I snapped. That was definitely not an option.

“Great, then that’s settled,” Massimo grinned, looking unnecessarily pleased. “I will go and reserve the seats for us. The exclusive lounge is the best. Gives the best view,” His enthusiasm made me scowl at him. He was enjoying himself on my account. f*****g bastard.

“You want some w***e to bear my child?” I asked drily and Luigi snorted. He threw his legs over his desk and leaned back on his chair, crossing his arms across his chest. His eyes shone with wicked determination.

“I want a child with your blood running through his vein,” He answered. “I don’t care who the bearer is as long as it’s Ammassari blood. Women are all the same. And…the girls there, they are very exclusive. You will see,” I stared at blankly at him, baffled to be honest. Sometimes, his ambition scared at me. Luigi was dangerous. That’s why he was my father’s best friend. They both were simply two sides of one coin.

“Don’t look at me like that, Leo,” He admonished, looking glum. “I will do whatever is best for the family. That’s my duty and oath. It’s better you don’t make things so hard for yourself or me. Go, get to your work,”

“And what if I don’t like the girl?” I challenged. He shrugged, disinterestedly, scrolling through his phone.

“Then try next month. You don’t have to like her anyway,” He mumbled. “Women are all same down there and that’s what matters. You want a heir not a wife so…if you have a better idea, let me know,” Okay. This was too much even for me. I turned on my heels, irritated and lowkey disgusted as I stalked out.

“Oh…your mother asked for you. Don’t forget to meet her before you go,” Luigi added simply. I didn’t reply as I shut the door behind me, pissed as hell.