Sold to the Dominant mafia by Red Johnson Chapter 3

“When?” I asked, folding my hands across my chest. “Where?” My time has finally come. And I just couldn’t wait any longer. I was ready. I was so f*****g ready a long long time ago. All I needed, all I waited all these year was for father’s order and now finally, I had that too. Alessandro smiled and shook his head.

“Easy, girl,” He said, walking over to the full length window that lead to the balcony.

“I can’t be easy…you know how long I have been waiting for this, father!” I snapped, irritated. “You can’t understand how important this is for me,”

“Diego was not just a capo of our family, Amara,” Alessandro growled, glaring at me. “He was more than that. He was like my brother. The fire of revenge has been burning inside me for just long as it’s been burning inside you,”

“Then just give me the orders…tell me where and when,” I said, my voice hard. “What are we waiting for?” Alessandro shook his head as he folded his arms across his chest.

“Do you think you can kill Leo Ammassari just like that?” He hissed, c*****g his head to the side. “Just the way you killed Mattia,”

“I am strong enough,”

“You are a fool to think that,”

“Then what do you want?” I demanded, scowling at him. “I know something’s cooking in your head,” I knew this man like the back of my hand and just by the expression on his face, I could tell…there was more to the story.

“Do you think just going and killing Leo Ammassari, even though it’s not possible in the first place, enough to avenge what they did to you? To quench your thirst? Remember, he didn’t just kill your father, he killed your entire family. Shouldn’t there be an equal give and take?”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I inquired gingerly. I cannot understand why he can’t get straight to the point. If he has a plan, why not just spit it out?

“You know what’s your biggest weakness is, Amara?” Alessandro asked, c*****g his head to the side. “You think from your heart and emotions rather than using your brain. And yes, I know you will debate that you don’t have a heart or emotions to begin with but this is what it is. For what I have in mind…you need to get over that. You need to have control. Strict control over yourselves, otherwise our entire plan…will fail. Do you understand me?”

“I will…when you get to the plan,” I answered tartly. Alessandro shot me a warning look and threw away the left out of his cigarette in the bin.

“The Ammassari’s killed your entire family,” He said. “Then why should you just finish off Leo and leave the rest? Why shouldn’t his entire family pay just like yours did?”

“I don’t hurt women and children,” I said flatly. “It’s my most absolute rule,”

“You don’t have to. There are just three woman in his family anyway,” He replied. “Your main aim should be Leo, Xavier Ammassari, Luigi Salvatore, Massimo Greco and all the four capos ie Tony, Mario, Vincenzo and Caesar. I want the entire Ammassari clan to be wiped out. Do you think I trained you to this extent all these years just so you can kill Leo? You are my pride, Amara…my best creation ever. I have bigger hopes for you,” His eyes shone in an evil way which scared me a little. What is it that he wants?

“Remember? You were just eleven when you killed Dante,” He added when I didn’t speak.

I kept my face impassive but hot, molten anger immediately flooded through me at the mention of that incident. I already hated men but Dante made sure I loathed them for good. He scarred me for life. Like I already didn’t have enough scars to tend to.

It’s okay, baby girl...

My entire soul shriveled up with disgust as horrifying memories flooded through me. As I remembered the look in his eyes. Lust…raw, animalistic lust. My skin prickled and his voice rang loud and clear in my head. I was just eleven then, still not recovered from what happened five years back. I was in pain. And I was angry. At everyone. And that day…I channeled all of it into tearing him to pieces. Dante was the first person I killed and I…have no regret that I did.

“The fire that I saw in your eyes that day…I knew you were meant to create history,” He continued as I stayed mute. “I trained you to become the deadliest woman in our history not so you can just kill Leo Ammassari…but so that you can clean up the entire clan for good. Like they never existed to begin with,”

“So, you are making my revenge your personal mission?” I demanded flatly. “So, that the Baldocchi’s can rise to be the greatest, isn’t it?” Alessandro turned to me and smiled, shaking his head.

“It’s called killing two birds with one stone, darling,” He said. “We get our revenge and our greatest enemies will be eliminated for good. Once you do this, you will resume your father’s place as the capo of south, the first woman capo to ever exist. People will be too afraid to question your authority,” He looked pleased. I narrowed my eyes at him. I had no interest in being the capo. But I did like the idea of wiping away the entire Ammassari family for good.

“As long as I get to kill Leo, I am up for anything,” I answered. “What do you have in mind?”

“You have to infiltrate the Ammassari family,” Alessandro said. “Rumors have it that Leo is planning to overthrow the Commission. You know what that means, right?”

“Nobody can overthrow the Commission,” I pointed out. “That’s what keeps all the families at their place. If it’s gone…there will be bloodshed. And…”

It was something I didn’t want to think of. The Commission was a body responsible for maintaining peace between all the families, keeping trade limits in check and everything else in order. The committee included the head of all the families while the ruling board consisted of strong, influential people who made unbiased decisions for everyone. It was like the court of the mafia world. The head, the ultimate head of the committee was however a mystery. No one knew who he was but what we knew was that he was the lord. And nobody dared crossed him. Ever. Even though no one has ever seen him, he was known to be brutal and deadly. And merciless.

“The strongest one will win,” Alessandro said, distracting me. “Which in this case is Leo. Unless…we let them do whatever they are doing. Let them throw the Commission off, if that’s what they are planning. And then by finishing them off…we become the ultimate, the invincible…”

“What do I need to do?” I demanded. “You can keep planning all that but let me know what I need to do,”

“Simply put, you will stay there…at the Ammassari mansion, close to Leo and sneak in every information that you can,” He answered. “And at the right time…you will get your revenge,”

“And how the hell am I supposed to do that?” I asked. “You are not making much sense,”

“That’s the trickiest part, darling girl,” He answered. “And you might think I am…”

“Just get to the point,” I snapped, annoyed again. It’s been more than twenty minutes since he has been doing this bullshit.

“Control,” Alessandro warned, shooting me a look. “Ever heard of casa degli schiavi?” My eyes widened as slowly everything started to make sense.

Casa degli schiavi…everyone knew about that but nobody wanted to talk about it. It was a place no woman should ever step a foot in. The slave house, as they call it, was a secret association, almost like prostitution where woman were brought and sold. But unlike what prostitution generally was, here the women didn’t sleep with multiple men. They were brought, trained and sold off. No, auctioned off to wealthy men in an exclusive private auction held once every month. Once a girl was sold off to the highest bidder, they were free to do whatever they wanted to. Mostly, these girls turned out to be mistresses but loosely they can be used for everything and anything. The FBI has been after this organization for years but it was so well-protected, so secured and sophisticated in its dealings that it was impossible to find them out.

“What?” I blurted out, glaring at him. “You want to sell me out?”

“No. But this…is the only means to find your way into Leo’s life,” He answered simply like it meant nothing.

“And how are you so sure about that?” I snapped. “What makes you think that Leo Ammassari will be there and that he will go for me among so many other women?”

“He will be there…I am sure about that,” Alessandro replied. “The auction is next week. And his right hand…Massimo has booked two seats at the exclusive lounge for them. They will be there alright. Now if he will go for you…I have a plan for that too. Leonardo Ammassari has a weakness. He doesn’t like to be challenged and he definitely doesn’t like to lose. At anything. We will use exactly this factor…the rest, you will find later. Don’t worry, Amara…I have got it all covered,”

“But…let’s just say he buys me…then that will mean…he,” I froze as things aligned up in my head perfectly and a shiver ran down my body.

“You will be his lover…” He said, nodding his head. “Frankly, I don’t like the words slave or mistress. Too outdated and demeaning. This is the sacrifice part, Amara. The hardest part of your journey. Once Leo buys you…you will be his to do as he sees fit. He will…touch you. Maybe he will loan you out to others…this is where your dedication lies, whether you will manage to endure all this and wait for the right time or break down and give everything away. You know what that will mean, right? They will torture you until the last breath leaves your body and then…they will come for us. So, now it’s for you to decide whether you are ready or not. Take your time…not too much though because if you agree, you need to be trained before the auction,”

I was blank as I stared back at him. So far, the only thing I knew was that I had to kill Leo Ammassari, just the way he and his goons killed my father and my entire family. But I actually didn’t think how I was going to go about it. What was I thinking? That he will come to me, go down on his knees and bow his head so that I can kill him? Of course, it was going to be hard. Harder than anything. From what I know, he was always surrounded by security, the entire Ammassari mansion crawled with security and the only way to get to him was actually to…get closer to him. Therefore, as much as I hated this, it was either this way or none.

“I will let you know by tomorrow morning,” I answered with an impassive expression.

“I know you can do this,” Father patted my shoulder as I turned to head back to my room. “You are the strongest weapon I have, Amara,”

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t trust Alessandro any more than I trusted Leo. But he was right, there was no other way. Just nodded my head and walked out, feeling suddenly overwhelmed. I knew what my answer will be but I didn’t want to believe it. For the first time ever since that night when my family was ruthlessly butchered in front of me, I wished I could elope. Run somewhere so far that no one will ever find me. Somewhere where there was no blood, no guns, no conspiracy…just peace and happiness. But I wasn’t that lucky and this, what and where I was now, that was my reality. Nothing else.

“Is this true? You agreed to go to the slave house? Do you have a death wish?” Nico demanded. He has been knocking my door down until I had no other option but to let him in. He barged in, eyes wild and face tightened with fury. Ignoring him, I walked over to the window and stared out at the laden night sky. He was the last person I wanted to deal with at the moment.

“Amara?” He growled, grabbing my arm and whirling me around. I glared back at him and pulled away from him.

“The slave house? Really?” He continued, ignoring my reaction. “I don’t know what f*****g nonsense father fed you but I hope you are using your brains and that you know what you are getting into?”

“This would have happened one day or other,” I answered in my deadpan voice. “You knew this, Nico,”

“No! I did not know this,” He snapped, turning me around. “I know you want revenge. I know you want to kill Leo and I am with you on that but this…this is not the way it was suppose to happen. This was never the plan, Amara,”

“The plan was getting revenge. This way or that way…it doesn’t matter,” I replied sullenly.

“Do you know what they do at the slave house?” He asked, his entire face contorted. “Do you know what will happen once Leo buys you?” I scowled at him in response to that.

“I will deal with things as they come,” I answered, going about doing random things so as to avoid the unavoidable for a little longer.

I knew what will happen once I am sold to Leo Ammassari and I didn’t want to think about it until I absolutely have to. Because if I did, I was allowing fear to creep into my head and it wasn’t something that I can afford. Fear can shake my entire foundation and then all this waiting, all this years of hardships and hard work…it will all go down the drain. My father will be extremely disappointed in me if he could see me now. If, I fail him and Alessandro and my dead family, I would never forgive myself.

“He will touch you,Amara,” Nico whispered. “And he will let others touch you. Different men…over and over again…your worst nightmare coming true. Is that what you really want?” I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. Nico wasn’t the person I wanted to end up killing before Leo Ammassari. But if he don’t shut up, I definitely will.

“I do not care what I want!” I snapped, glaring at him. “This is not about me. This about my family. The only reason I chose to stay alive was so that I could finish Leo Ammassari. I do not care at what cost that comes. I will sell myself out if that’s what it takes. And this is none of your business, Nico…so stay out of this. I do not want to hurt you,” I was literally panting as we both glared at each other.

“You have already hurt me enough number of times, Amara,” He answered, walking over to me. I took a step back but he kept heading towards me until my back was pressed against the wall. I looked away, the closeness filling me with the familiar panic that I felt years ago, the panic that forced me to kill Dante.

“Why can’t you just rest?” He asked softly, grabbing my chin and tilting my face so that I can meet his gaze. His dark eyes were warm and almost etched with pain. I didn’t like the look in them. “You know I love you, right?”

“Stop it, Nico…” I muttered, my jaw tensing up as myriad emotions started to overwhelm me. I knew this. I knew this ever since we were children. But hearing it out loud was like a kick in the gut.

“No, I can’t stop now. I don’t have anymore time,” He said, his thumbing caressing my cheek softly. “I love you, like a mad person. Unlike what you like to think, your cold exterior just makes it all the more easier to fall for you. Makes you all the more attractive. I have always wanted to marry you…have children with you. I wanted you to be mine, Amara,”

“Nico…” I warned but my voice came out in a whisper.

“Can’t you just let the past rest? Can’t you have a new start with me?” He asked, his eyes pleading. “I will convince father. He will understand. He loves you like his own daughter. Please?”

“No,” I snapped, annoyed at him, at myself and at the ridiculous tears that started to flow. “I can’t. This is what I have lived for all my life. I owe my family. I owe your father too. You should have never fallen for me because you knew better, Nico. I decided on this life the moment I smashed that handfork into Dante’s gut. You should find someone who is normal, who can love you back and give you what you need because…I can’t,”

“I really should have known better,” He whispered, shooting me a hurtful look as he moved away. “Fine. Do whatever you want,”

He stalked out of the room and I didn’t bother to stop him either. What’s the point? I had a mission, a duty to uphold. I didn’t need to deal with this mess. Love was never an option for me. I don’t even know what that is or how it works. The only thing I know is my duty towards my family and my thirst for revenge. I can never start fresh before I see Leo Ammassari’s bloodied body lying at my feet. Only that day will I ever be able to open my heart for anything or anyone else. Sighing and feeling exhausted beyond words, I turned to shut the door but halted as Nico stood there, his eyes hard. Now what?

“I had to do this once,” He said, his voice flat.

“Wha?”I couldn’t finish the rest of it as he stalked over to me and wrapping his one hand around my neck and other one around my waist as he pressed his lips to mine. I was startled, frozen and completely blank. What was he doing? Nico pushed me back until my back met the wall. His tongue coaxed my lips, forcing his way inside as he kissed me with almost a violent fervor. He was agitated and it actually…hurts. I don’t know what was happening or what to do. I just stood there. Like a dummy. Counting to ten in my head as my entire body shriveled up and horrible images started to flood through me.

It’s okay…baby girl…

“You can’t even kiss me back once?” Nico asked, his eyes hurtful as he pulled away. I blinked at him, suddenly realizing what he just did. My blood boiled at his audacity and I glared at him, finally getting my equilibrium back.

“Do not dare do that ever again,” I hissed acidly. “Ever,”

“I won’t get to, anyways,” He said, reaching out to caress my cheek. I moved back immediately. Can’t he understand? I do not want him touching me. I do not like anyone touching me.

“You seem way to sure that I won’t return,” I snapped instead, annoyed and irritated.

“If you keep this up…if you go about your usual attitude, you won’t,” He answered flatly. “You couldn’t even kiss me back. Your entire body went cold, do you realize that, Amara? Do you think Leonardo wouldn’t understand that something’s wrong with you?”

Something was wrong with me? He made me sound disabled because of my inability to feel desire and lust for him. And he says he loves me. I don’t know love but I do know it surpasses every disability and hurdles. This was not love.

“This is my business. This is my life. Stay. Out. Of. It,” I hissed, my scalp prickling at his lack of faith in me.

He has seen me ever since I was six. He has seen everything and yet he dared to look down at me. I hated it when people take me lightly because I was a woman. They refuse to see my struggle, my fights and my hardships and look at my exterior, my gender. He wouldn’t want to hear it but I was better than him in every means. As much as I did have a soft corner for Nico, I will never tolerate a man looking down at me like that. Ever.

“So that’s it?” He asked, sounding hurtful and looking that way too. “This is goodbye for us?” I nodded, turning away from him.

I could feel him glaring at me before he turned on his heels and walked away, and this time for good. I stared at his retreating back until he completely disappeared and flopped down on the bed. To be honest, I didn’t have the exact words for what I was feeling. But I knew this…it sucked. It was uncomfortable as hell. He expected me to love him. But how do I do that? How do you love someone? I don’t know anything about it to begin with.

For me, love was my mother’s soft fingers caressing through my hairs, the comfort of my grandmother’s lap and my father’s arms and the chaotic bickering of my siblings. All of which was ruthlessly snatched away from me. Love…was snatched away from me. And now, I don’t know how to feel it again. Neither did I want to or needed to. I took a deep breath and rubbed my face. This was not the time to be getting emotional or wounded up in things that made no sense. I had a job I needed to finish.

Leo Ammassari and the entire family was going to pay for every single drop of blood my family shed that night. I don’t care what it will take but I knew I can never put an end to this deadly, lonely, miserable life of mine until I put an end to his life first.

It was almost dawn when we reached. I had no idea what place this was as I climbed out of the car. Alessandro was supposed to accompany me but he somehow pulled out at the last moment. I blinked at the huge dark brick entryway that looked like a tunnel to me. At the entrance of whatever the crap it was stood two huge men, their eyes covered with dark shades and mouth covered with masks, carrying huge guns in their bulky arms.

“What the f**k do they want?” I demanded, scowling at them.

“You can’t go in just like this. This place is extremely private and under strict security,” Michael answered. He drove me here. To the slave house. “They will check you and then allow you in,” I scowled again and waited for the men to do whatever the crap they wanted. I didn’t have to wait long though as they approached me the second I placed my feet there. As I stared at their covered faces, I wondered what they were thinking.

“Alza le braccia,” The taller one said, his voice sounding like thunder. I did as he ask and the other one started checking me all over with his hands. I clenched my jaw as his hands halted over my breasts before moving down. I wanted to hit him instinctively. Really hit him. But I was practicing patience as sooner rather than later, this would be Leo Ammassari’s hands. The thought filled me with dread and disgust and I quickly took long, deep breaths to calm myself.

(Trans: Raise your arms)

“Buono per andare,” He said, moving away and glancing at his partner. The guy nodded his head and pulled out a black scarf from his pocket.

(Trans: Good to go)

“Turn around,” The guy who searched me ordered. I shot him a look.

“Why?” I hissed. He stared at me briefly or so I thought before grabbing my arm and forcefully turning me around. It was painful.

“You f*****g asshole!” I shouted writhing against him as he slipped the scarf around my eyes and everything turned inky dark.

“Keep your mouth shut or I will shoot you right here,” He growled and grabbing my arm started to drag me away to God knows where.

I wasn’t liking this. I wasn’t liking this at all. Was it even a good idea to trust Alessandro? The two men took each of my arms and started dragging me somewhere, probably inside that tunnel like place. I heard scrunching of dry leaves, a musty smell, a sudden coolness and even water dripping somewhere. I kept counting steps in my head, just in case if I need it later to find my way out. I was at eighty-second step when I heard a door open.

It lead to a staircase and from the feel under my tennis shoes, it felt like stone. Winding staircase, fifteen stairs to be exact. Fifteen stairs and eighty-two footsteps to exit, I registered this in my mind. When we reached the top, a floral fragrance flooded my senses and I could almost feel the dark mustiness slipping away. I could even feel sunlight on my cheek and seagulls quacking somewhere not far away. Where exactly was I?

“Buongiorno signora,” The guy who tied my eyes muttered. Signora? So there was a woman here. And music. Some old eighties jazz music was being played.

“You didn’t have to bring her like that Irma,” My eyes widened inside the blindfold at the familiar voice.

What the f**k was happening?

Sold to the Dominant mafia by Red Johnson Chapter 3