Sold to the Dominant mafia by Red Johnson Chapter 4

Father! He was here…

“Can’t afford to risk anything, Alessandro,” A deep feminine voice said. “Get her blindfold off. Let me see what we are working with here,” I scowled at her words, sounding like I was some thing to play around with.

In a swift movement, the blindfold came off and I blinked rapidly, trying to adjust my vision. Flooded with sunlight, I stood in a plushly decorated living room. The style resembled the 90’s Italy with cream colored walls and furniture with checkered upholstery. A beautiful candlestand styled chandelier hung on the light wood paneled ceiling. On my left was a full length window that lead to the terrace which over looked the Mediterranean. After assessing my surroundings, I turned my eyes to the two people sitting on the sofa.

Alessandro smiled at me while the woman beside him, appraised me from head to toe with her blue eyes. She was probably in her late forties, sophisticated and rich looking with shock of curly black hairs tied in a loose low ponytail and thrown across her right shoulder. She wore a emerald green satin night gown with strings of pearl thrown around her long neck. Taking long sips from her cup, she kept watching me from the rim of her teacup. I held her gaze, challenging her to look away first and eventually that brought out a smile on her pink lips.

“You were right, Alessandro…a lot of work needs to be done,” She muttered, still staring as she placed the cup down on the table. There were rings in all ten of her fingers.

“She is my pride. Quick learner too,” Alessandro answered, indeed looking proud. “Amara this is madam Irma. She will be mentoring you regarding whatever you need to do. In a week’s time, you will be trained completely under her guidance,”

“Is this is the slave house? This is where you keep the girls?” I demanded, finally blurting out what I was dying to ask for a very long time. I couldn’t see any girl here. No one except for these two.

“This is my house. I live here,” She replied before turning to Alessandro. “We need to work on her tone too. Too hard and authoritative for a woman,”

“This is not Casa degli schiavi,” Alessandro answered for her. “This is madam Irma’s house. She runs the trade,”

“Weren’t you supposed to send me there?” I inquired, raising my brow. Alessandro smiled and shook his head.

“You are my daughter, do you really think I will let you go to a place like that?” He inquired, his tone soft. “You needed to be trained and madam Irma will take care of that. For this entire week you will stay here and learn everything you have to. Then on Saturday, she will take you to the auction herself,”

“And are you sure Leo will be there?” I asked because that was the entire point of all this drama to begin with.

“He will be. The seats are reserved,” Madam Irma answered. “And once the seats are booked they can’t be cancelled. That’s a rule. He and his right hand, Massimo will be there,” I nodded my head.

“So…now what?” I inquired. Madam Irma stared at me and then dialed a number on the intercom. Five seconds later, a young girl, probably in her early twenties appeared at the doorway on my left, her gaze lowered and stance nervous.

“Emma will take you to your room. Clean up and get some rest. We will start your training soon. You can bid goodbye to your father now,” She said. He was not my father. I never saw Alessandro as my father. He was a father figure but not my father. I didn’t say that out loud though. Alessandro stood up and walked over to me.

“Are you ready?” He asked softly. Was I? I had no idea.


“I will be,” I answered. He nodded and raising his hand, softly patted my head.

“Only you can do this,” He said. “I know you can. I know this is a huge sacrifice but those people deserve every ounce back of what they did to your family and my beloved brother, Diego. Madam Irma will teach you everything you need. If you can keep your fear and inhibitions away, you can do this. Know what I mean? Also, everything you will need, she will provide to you. And I will visit again if I can,”

“You don’t have to,” I said. “Don’t risk it,”

“Okay,” He said before turning his head towards madam Irma. “Make sure she isn’t mistreated. She isn’t just some girl,”

“Of course not, if she is a quick learner as you say,” She answered breezily. “Patience is not my strength,”

“Neither is mine,” I shot back, deciding instantly that I wasn’t liking or trusting this person. I don’t trust anyone anyway. Alessandro shot me a look before shaking his head.

“You have a lot of fire in you, girl. We can sure use that,” Irma smirked, stroking her chin. “Now off you go. We don’t even have an entire week completely to be honest and I can see, there’s a lot you need to be trained for,”

“For your protection, you will be injected with a transmitter before the auction. It will help us know where you are. Don’t worry, you are not alone,” Alessandro said as he leaned in to give me a hug. I stood still like always and didn’t hug him back. Irma muttered something under her breath, obviously noticing my discomfort but I effectively choose to ignore that this time around.

“I will be fine,” I said and turning on my heels followed the girl out. She lead me through a dinning room into a small corridor and held opened the last door at the end. It was a simple and utilitarian bedroom. Perfect for me. And it looked out at the sea too.

“You can take a shower. Your bag will be delivered here in a moment,” She said. “And I will bring you breakfast once you are ready,” I turned to face her and she didn’t raise her eyes to meet mine. She was timid and nervous. I wondered why. But I hated to meddle in other’s business unless necessary so I chose to ignore.

“Okay. Thanks,” I muttered. Emma nodded and walked out, shutting the door behind me. Once she was gone, I let out a deep breath and took a moment to calm myself.

Next, I opened the door to the balcony and walked out and as I soon as I took in the surroundings, I froze. f*****g s**t. What place was this? There was just the sea and cliffs and huge ass palm trees all around. There was no way this was near the city. Why did she live so far away? And if this wasn’t the main headquarter than where was it? Did I want to know? I wasn’t sure.

Sighing, I pinched the bridge of my nose and decided to take a shower first. What was happening? What awaited me and what will happen? I had no idea about any of it. And there was nothing else I could do here either apart from trust myself. All along my life, if there was anyone I have trusted that was me, myself. And I knew in the coming days, I will need to keep up with that.

“Madam is asking for you,” Emma murmured, peeping into my room. She was too timid. It was irritating me.

“Where’s she?” I asked, standing up. It was almost afternoon now and I had eaten and rested enough. If Emma hasn’t come, I would have gone looking for Irma myself.

“Follow me, please,” She mumbled, holding the door wide open for me and moving away a little so that I can walk out. She lead me out through the same corridor and into another room adjoining the living room. It looked like a parlor. Irma was standing by the open window, smoking. Her night gown was replaced with a floral maxi dress, wavy hairs falling a little below her shoulders.

“Ready for your training?” She asked, blowing out the smoke.

“What do I need to do?” I demanded, my voice hard just at sight of her. Irma stared at me long and hard and smiled.

“How about you start with getting your clothes off?” She said simply. I blinked at her. Wait, before I hit her…did I hear right? Did she just ask me to strip?

“Excuse me?” I snapped, glaring at her. “The f**k I would. Are you crazy?” She threw her cigarette off, rolled her eyes and walking over, shut the door locked. It was just me and her now.

“You want Leo Ammassari to buy you at the auction. What do you think he is going to do with you after that? Play football? If you can’t strip in front of a woman…what makes you think you can do that in front of him?” She demanded, narrowing her eyes. “Get your clothes off now. Or I have people who would. We don’t have much time and you are literally a wild tiger to be tamed, so get the ball rolling,”

“I swear…if you let any guy…” I warned and she laughed, shaking her head.

“I live here alone,” She answered. “With Emma and few other girls. Now, hurry up. Let me see you,” I scowled at her perverted behavior but nevertheless pulled out of my T-shirt and sweatpants, standing just in my plain sports bra and underwear.

“All of it,” She said. “I said get your clothes off. Undergarments are a part of your clothes too,” I glared at her but Irma just flatly stared back at me, folding her arms across her volumptuous chest.

Okay, she meant it. Annoyed and feeling hot with anger, I threw my bra over my head and pulled out of my underwear too, standing completely naked in front of her. Even though she was a woman, I couldn’t look her into eyes as mortification flooded through me from head to toe. Uneasiness, fear and panic jolted through my body and I took deep, long breaths, counting to ten in my head as Irma walked around me, her eyes roaming down my body as if appraising something up for sale.

“Hmm…you have got a good body,” She murmured. “But your arms are muscular. Anyone can look and tell that you work out. Stance too rigid,” She touched my shoulder and reflexively I jumped away from her touch.

“Oh man, this is a problem,” She groaned. “Look up at me. Now,” Scowling, I raised my eyes to her. What in heaven’s name was she doing?

“You are a woman, Amara,” Irma said, her voice authoritative. “Your body is your biggest weapon. You need to learn how to use it to your advantage. Men are hungry assholes. If you can play your cards right, you can have Leo Ammassari wrapped around your little finger. Get me?”


“What do you mean?” I demanded, narrowing my eyes at her. She rolled her eyes.

“If you want Leo to buy you…you have to be different. You have to get his attention and good thing you already are different. You have that fire in you,” She said. “And you are beautiful. Fire is good however rebellion is not. So you need to tone your arrogance down. Don’t be the same submissive woman that melts at the sight of him. He hates that. But don’t be the rogue you are either. Balance,”

“Why would anybody melt at the sight of him?” I inquired with a frown. Irma stared at me blankly before a laugh popped out of her mouth.

“You have never seen him, have you?” She asked, c*****g her head to side.

“Not really,” I answered. Irma nodded her head, her eyes twinkling for some reason.

“You will know when you see him,” She said simply. “Now where were we? Stop interrupting me. In simple words, in the coming days, I will teach you how to use your body, your sensuality to get into Leo Ammassari’s head, got it?”

“I don’t like the idea but sure,” I said gingerly.

“Nope…this attitude won’t do,” Irma tsked, shaking her head. “Like it or not, at some point…you have to give in to him, Amara. Men don’t buy women from slave house to decorate their houses. If Leo Ammassari registered for the auction, there must be a solid reason behind it. I have never seen him there before. You have to allow him in at some point and the way you react to touch, trust me…it’s a big…big problem,”

I made a face. Like I didn’t know that. Even the thought of him touching me made me wanted to throw my guts out. I will choke. And I knew if I don’t get this under control in the days that I have, I would be in s**t.

“You do know what will happen if you get caught, right?” She asked, distracting me. I nodded my head.

“They will kill me,” I answered silently. Death wasn’t the problem. I was not scared of dying. But I was scared of dying before I could avenge my family’s death. That was not an option.

“They will torture you to death,” She rectified. “Which is why…you have to get a hold over your hate and anger and thirst for revenge when he’s near. At the same time, you also need to get over your aversion to touch. If you don’t comply, he will force you. Men don’t care. And that will be worse. Especially for someone like you…who has never been touched,”

“Then what am I supposed to do?” I snapped, getting irritated. “Will you get to the point?” Irma narrowed her eyes at me, lost in some deep thinking momentarily before finally nodding her head.

“Close your eyes,” She ordered. “Now,”

“Now way…how do I know what you are doing?” I pointed out tartly. “I don’t trust you,” Irritation written all over her face, Irma closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them, they burned like blue embers.

“You don’t have to and secondly, you don’t. That’s the point,” She answered, her voice hard. “Now close your eyes or I am done teaching you. Find your way into Leo Ammassari’s world alone. If I don’t teach you, you won’t last a day…get that?”

I clenched my jaw and glared at her. But I also knew that she was right. Except for killing people, using weapons and martial arts, I knew nothing. Specially things that generally a woman was supposed to know. Reluctantly, I closed my eyes and stood still. I heard her shuffle around, open a drawer then do something else again before I could feel her body in front of me, her breath falling on my neck. She leaned closer and I jumped again as she slipped what felt like an eye mask around my eyes.

“What the f**k are you doing?” I shouted.

“Shut up and stand still,” She hissed. “Trying to take in every thing. Feel everything, okay?” I stilled. Feel what?

“Wha…” I cannot complete and froze immediately as something cold and weird touched my skin, the base of my neck to be exact. It was weird, something vibrating.

“Just feel…don’t say anything,” Irma muttered and moved that thing down my body.

I had no inkling what was going. And even though I had no idea what she was doing, my body somehow knew how to react to that thing. My breathing accelerated on its own, and I could feel goosebumps on my skin. A cry almost escaped my mouth as she placed that thing on my n****e. Something deep inside my belly clenched as a feeling that felt like pleasure, something indescribable but in a good way jolted through my body.

My lips parted on their own accord and I could feel wetness between my legs. It appeared out of nowhere too. My mind was blank. Completely blank and all I could do was silently engulf all these alien sensations as she dragged the thing down further, down by ribs, my belly and halting to my horror between my legs.


“Stop…stop…” I cried out, as whatever I felt before was intensified by ten times. It was good. It felt good. So good and yet so wrong and even scary. Something inside me was building, hard and fast. Like a volcano moments before it erupts.

“Stop…please…” I begged. “Please…” Thankfully, she stopped but as soon as she did, it felt like my body was extremely disappointed with me. It wanted whatever was building up. But to me it was f*****g scary. My legs were starting to stiffen and yet feel like jelly. Against my body’s desire, I was glad that she stopped. Irma removed the eye mask and I blinked at her, trying to gather myself.

“Have you never even touched yourself?” She asked, looking bewildered. “Don’t you feel the need to?”

“No!” I snapped, glaring at her. “What were you doing?”

“That’s what we call pleasure and what was just about to happen is called an orgasm,” She clarified, throwing me my clothes. She looked horrified for some reason and yet not. She was one weird person.

“I know what an orgasm is,” I grumbled, haphazardly pulling my clothes on. “Just didn’t know how it works or feel,” I was actually a little ashamed of myself but as always my ego wouldn’t let me show that on face.

“I can sure see that. But it’s good,” She said, looking pleased for some reason. “That is how a man’s touch feels, Amara. Actually better. Much better if you are into it,”

“And how is this supposed to help me?” I inquired, folding my arms across my chest and shooting her a pointed look


“This is what you have to keep in mind every time Leo will touch you,” She replied. “You are a woman, who has her needs. He is a man who can meet them. You both need each other. There is no Amara or Leo in bed. If you can get this stamped in your brain, if you can learn how to use your sexuality the right way, half your work is done, do you understand?”

Did I understand? I didn’t know. Because even if I do try to imagine him just as a man, he was a man whom I loathed with my entire being. How can I suddenly forget that?

“I will try,” I answered, regardless. Like I had any other option.

“Good,” She said and gave me a pat on my shoulder. “You can go now. We will continue the rest of it in the evening. Oh and no dinner for you….you need to loose those muscles,” I rolled my eyes but didn’t protest as I walked back to my room, my mind somehow overwhelmed. Eating was the last thing in there.

The waves of the Mediterranean splashed across the jutting rocks in the dark and a warm, salty breeze caressed my face as I stood in the balcony and stared out. My mind was packed and I felt weird after everything that Irma was teaching me. A part of me wanted to run away. It didn’t want to do this. My ego wouldn’t let me accept it but…I was scared. But at this point, I couldn’t give up either. I couldn’t be a coward. I was Diego Rossi’s daughter. I cannot give up now. But I felt disgusted by whatever she was teaching me. I felt dirty. I felt like a whore.

“It’s okay to feel whatever you are feeling,” Irma’s voice distracted me and I turned my head to see her standing beside me. How the f**k did she come in?

“Respect my privacy, please,” I mumbled, too tired to fight.

“I supposed a cup of coffee wouldn’t hurt,” She answered and shoved the mug in my hands. I ought have said thanks but I didn’t.

“Don’t you feel bad about what you do?” I asked drily. “Condemning so many women to hell,” Irma took a long, noisy sip of her coffee and smiled. It was the first time I saw her really smile, changed her look completely.

“They come from worse hell most of the times,” She answered. “Do you think the world outside ours is better? It’s not. When you are born as a woman, it’s hell everywhere,”

“Being a woman is just an excuse. Women are not weak,” I said bitterly.

“Who said anything about being weak?” She said. “There is no being stronger in this universe than a woman. But men doesn’t think that way. Every second, even now when we stand here, thousands of woman are being raped across the world. These women who are brought here…they have seen all kinds of hell, abuse, violence…and yes, the places they are sent to aren’t any good but they are assured safety. And not all masters are bad. Many of them have fallen in love and ended up marrying the girls they initially bought for just their pleasure,”

“Wow. Let’s rejoice in that probability,” I said sarcastically. There was no way I was ever buying her nonsense.

“I can attest to it. Because I have lived it myself,” Irma murmured, taking another long noisy sip. I shot her a look and she nodded her head.

“My husband brought me in an auction too,” She smiled, staring at the sea. “One thing lead to another and we fell in love. Got married…I even have two lovely kids. They are studying in Australia,”

Okay, this was some news. I didn’t expect this.

“Where is your husband?” I asked, curiously.

“He was killed,” She replied. “By…Giorgio Ammassari,” I blinked, surprise turning into shock as I stared at her face.

“Isn’t he?”

“Leo’s father,”

“So…is that why…you are helping me?” I asked, another question that has been nagging me ever since the morning. Why was she helping us get to Leo Ammassari and risking her life in process?

“Partially…and also because I know how you must be feeling. I lost my parents too when I was a child. They were murdered as well. Came home to find them lying in a pool of blood. I was abducted. Sold and resold and resold until I met my husband,” She answered, her jaw clenching. “I know how you are feeling now. This can be scary. Specially for someone so pure like you,”

“Pure,” I scoffed in sarcasm. “Trust me, pure isn’t the word I would use for myself. You have no idea how many people I have killed so far,”

“Purity lies in a person’s heart, Amara,” Irma said. “And only the purest of heart can have such unwavering courage. Only the purest of heart can make such an immense sacrifice. I admire you and I know if you can play your cards right, just have a little bit control, you…can do this,” I stared at her and felt a bit awkward and uneasy. This one to one, personal conversations makes me uneasy. I was not used to it.

“Listen to me,” Irma said, turning to me, her face hard and eyes determined. “I know you are capable. I know you can fight for yourself but in there…you are all alone. And you need someone beside you. And if there’s someone who can protect you there…that’s Leo himself,” I blinked at her and couldn’t help myself from rolling my eyes.

“And why the hell would he do that?” I inquired. “What am I to him?”

“Nothing. But you will become something to him if you do as I say,” She smiled, patting my head. It was weird and again awkward as hell.

“Will you get to the point?” Irma sighed and shook her head.

“You want revenge, right? You want to hurt him beyond repair, isn’t?” She asked and I nodded my head. She smiled and turned back around towards the sea.

“There’s nothing that hurts more and worse than a broken heart,” Irma muttered. “Nothing hurts more than being betrayed by someone you love,” What? Broken heart? Love? What was she saying?

“Am sorry…you make no sense to me,” I said flatly, frowning at her. “If you have an idea, please be clear,” Irma made a face and shook her head in defeat.

“Fine, I will be clear then. You have to make Leo fall in love with you…use him to get your way and keep yourself protected and then…” She smirked at me, looking pleased. “Kill him,” I stared wide eyed at her, completely blank.


Sold to the Dominant mafia by Red Johnson Chapter 4